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No Such Thing As A Lame Duck


In lieu of a photo, I decided to draw the duck. I can assure you, it looked exactly like this.

One day after feeding the ducks in the river by our apartment, I spotted a duck standing on one leg. I was amazed by how well it balanced, and how unfazed it was to be on just one leg. He was warming his other leg, well, web, under his wing for some warmth. So there he (or she) was, solidly standing while taking care of his cold foot, er, web.

In my balance poses in Yoga, like Tree or one leg extensions, I find that I am more solid and unfazed when I don’t think “okay, here comes the balance pose and I know I have to stick this or I’ll fall.” Because it’s when I think of falling that I do. So recently I have learned to just focus on standing tall, breathing, using the space around me (when I extend my lifted leg forward or sideward), and WORKING WITH THE WOBBLE. Balance, after all, isn’t about standing solidly. It’s about reacting positively to the shakes and uncertainties of poses, and yes, life’s offerings.

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