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Oh Child’s Pose, I love you.

Updated: May 6, 2022

It’s been a little over two years since I posted anything on this blog. My last post was dated several weeks before I gave birth in 2016. Up until then, I had been living pretty much the same routine that I had set since I moving to Basel in 2012.

And then I gave birth.

And everything changed.


How I loved

How my body felt, and looked, and performed

How I slept (or didn’t)

How I HAD to stop working, and then how I WANTED to stop working

Where we lived—we moved from a tiny apartment into our very own house

How I practiced yoga

How I re-arranged priorities

How I strengthened, created, and let go of relationships

Motherhood status has made me experience the double-edged sword of parenthood. On the one side, I feel like a strong and fierce lioness, ready to protect my little cub. On the other, I am a vulnerable, bungling greenhorn, unsure of my actions and decisions.

Many, many, many times, things get overwhelming, or tiring, or daunting. Like an advanced yoga class where the postures are way out of my league. When I find myself in such a pickle,  I take the cue of yoga teachers everywhere: Pause and take Child’s Pose. I stop, close my eyes, catch my breath and wait for the giant wave to wash over me. When the challenge is done (i.e. my toddler throwing a tantrum over not wanting to eat, shower, brush her teeth, or sleep) I get up, forge on, a little stronger, a tad more relaxed, and maybe even a bit wiser.

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