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For several years now, I have had the pleasure to participate in Marie´s yoga classes. I enjoy very much her calmness and how much she cares, like bringing the block to you when it is out of reach. She gives perfect instructions guiding us through the flow. I am really impressed by the richness of the different lessons—how variable they are. And after so may years, there are still new postures to practice. Besides that she manages that I always find my inner peace and concentrate on the yoga class—nothing else matters.



Lörrach, Germany

Marie has an extraordinary talent to touch people´s hearts with her attentiveness and her unique charisma. She creates an unobtrusive atmosphere of ease, comfort and humor, which allows everyone to devote themselves completely to their own needs and issues during the exercises. What and how she phrases messages and instructions is impactful and inspiring. Marie's deeply penetrating appreciation and presence, her humility and her restraint create the space for more than just the sensation of the practical exercises. 


Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany

I was fortunate enough to walk into my first yoga class since my early 20’s to be greeted & welcomed by Marie. Her vinyasa flow classes are the best ever! Her calming voice guides you effortlessly through each yoga pose, and you are relaxing on your mat at the end of the class before you know it. #bestyogateacherever



Ahipara, New Zealand

Practicing yoga, though a very introspective activity, doesn’t feel very serious when Marie is your teacher. Her cheerful disposition creates such a light energy, and you can’t help but relax and feel the tension wash away from you. Her instructions are precise, yet far from boring. She has a way of making you smile or even laugh while doing a difficult pose. If the practice of yoga can shift your perspective into a more positive one and transform you to live better, then Marie is the perfect teacher that can provide that experience to make you dig deep and have fun at the same time. Marie is a blessing to have in your journey to becoming well.



Manila, Philippines

I’ve been enjoying the Yoga flow from Marie for many years. I started with her when she taught lunch classes at my former company, then I joined her open classes and even had prenatal private courses when I was pregnant. Her classes are always adapted to my wish and shape. I like the flow, dynamism, mindfulness and care put in each class. After each practice I feel more connected with my body and mind. I am more calm and peaceful with myself, and others. 



Alsace, France


“After a couple years of aches and pains, I decided to start practicing Yoga again. What keeps me coming back to Marie’s classes is that we work hard, but she always reminds us to listen to our bodies—pushing only as far as our bodies are willing to accept. She is always supportive and instructive, approaching me at the right time with blocks, a belt or maybe a chair. Marie choreographs movements that flow naturally into each other and her creativity brings a freshness that keeps you on your toes! Her classes are not just about moving the body, but also focusing on a thought about what we want to get out of our practice for that day—to help us focus on letting go and being present in the moment.”



Basel, Switzerland

"I think the yoga world needs more teachers like Marie; her classes are a playful flow that supported me to feel confident and safe to explore movement in whatever way it suited my body. Her nature took away my fear of making mistakes and I walked away a little lighter." 


Basel, Switzerland

Yoga with Marie is always something I look forward to! I feel safe during class, knowing that I am allowed to move the way my body wants. Even with some challenging poses I never feel stressed, because of her calming voice, clear instructions, and the ample time given for each position. She takes her practice off the mat, as her aura is so radiant and relaxed. I feel that all her students subconsciously embody her good mood after every session, and keep it for the rest of the day.



Manila, Philippines

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