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Aaand We’re Open!

One of my favorite songs has the lyrics “be prepared to be surprised,” which was the song that kept playing in my head when we opened the second Loosloo Yoga Basel last May 1. My partner Barbara and I met one and a half hours before opening time, to make sure everything was in order: furniture in place, floors cleaned, mats laid out, our nerves in check… We were nervous because we weren’t sure if people would actually come—it was a holiday after all.

At first we thought not to lay down all the mats, because what if we wouldn’t utilize all of them? What a shame to roll them back up, we thought. But we thought wrong. Minute by minute people arrived. We laid down more mats. And people brought their mats, too! Before we knew it our room was teeming with guests, and we filled up the place like one happy family.

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