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Hi, I'm Marie


‘Flow Motion' is a term that describes my approach to practicing Yoga. It's a play on the words slow and flow, because I use unhurried and fluid movements and transitions to help smoothen out the hard edges of a physical yoga practice. I also like how flow refers to that special state where you focus on just one thing, and everything else fades into the background. 

Motion is a huge part of my life. I’ve always enjoyed movement. Whether dancing, running, swimming, climbing, or practicing this physical aspect of yoga, body movement has always allowed me to express what and how I feel. It has also allowed me to go from feeling good on the outside, to feeling great on the inside. 


My personal quest is to hold a nurturing and safe space for you to find your flow, to ignite your strength while cultivating your soft side. It is my hope that when you leave my class, you will not only feel empowered and restored, but that you'll understand, and even like yourself a little more. 

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join me in Flow Motion

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